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    Group Profile Shandong Freda Pharmacy Group Company in Shandong Province Pharmaceutical Sciences for technical support, based on the human health-related medicines, health food and cosmetics product development , the formation of science, industry , trade and the integration of a comprehensive pharmaceutical enterprise group .

Medical Group has set up its own proprietary technology , Shandong Bausch & Lomb Freda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. , Shandong Haiyou FuRuiDa many Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Shandong Freda Bio- Engineering Co., Ltd. , Shandong Freda Bio- Technology Co., Ltd. high-tech enterprises. Trade involving drugs, health food , cosmetics, medical devices and pharmaceutical raw materials , etc. , with " Moisten ", " Run Cleaner" , " Sofastin ", " Akihito ", " Yi Lin " and many other well-known brands. 2012 Freda Pharmaceutical Group sales revenue 2.08 billion yuan . Shandong Bausch & Lomb Freda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. which has developed into the largest production base of ophthalmic pharmaceutical products have occupied 20 percent of the domestic market share of ophthalmic drugs . Shandong Freda Pharmaceutical Group, with hyaluronic acid technology, its products not only in the domestic market accounted for the major share of the market , but also exported to Japan, USA, Europe, Korea and other international markets.

Freda Pharmacy Group Pharmaceutical Division consists of makeup and Health Division Avenue , the country established a sound sales network and customer service system, focusing on specialized academic promotion and marketing , cultivate a high-quality professional sales team, and relying on network integration Group, a subsidiary of proprietary Chinese medicines , sanitary materials , medical equipment and other resources , in the two Rivers area of Jinan High-tech Zone , Shandong Haiyou FuRuiDa Company's existing plant -based, relocation and expansion of other six companies planning to establish land near Freda acres biomedical industry park.