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Innovation and efficiency Revitalisation - Kang Avenue makeup integrate resources to promote the development of multi-industry group
Click : Date : 2014-05-16

Freda Pharmacy Group , as the vanguard of innovative marketing , Kang 3G Marketing Division Avenue makeup trial run has officially started.

Start Kang makeup Avenue , in addition to the formation of new marketing channels , and cultivate new profit point , the more important mission is to integrate our resources , try to synchronize the development of related industries .

Currently, Kang Avenue makeup market reach has entered the 16 provinces except Shandong ( Beijing , Tianjin, Shanghai , Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning , Shaanxi, Hebei, Shanxi , Henan, Guangdong, Jiangsu , Yunnan, Sichuan , Inner Mongolia, Anhui , etc. ) , a prairie fire is starting to show , joining trader improve the quantity and quality are synchronized . To this end, Kang makeup Avenue has issued a series of operational regulations , the overall market is standardized and orderly development .

With the development of the market, Kang makeup Avenue began logistics group integration and coordination of related industries development strategy . Kang Avenue, according to the current makeup of product planning , in addition to sales Freda Bioengineering Beauty products will be selling health products , health food, Freda cereals and other products , as much as possible promote the development of the use of channel edge the whole industry chain.

In addition, Kang Avenue also makeup and Shandong card, pay ETS to achieve the business cooperation. To pay a third-party payment platform ETS electronic business platform , the current data interface has been completed, the normal course of business have been carried out . Since May 25, 2013 data docked just 20 days , has been achieved through the ETS to pay intercompany transactions amounting to 71 million yuan. Kang believes that makeup will become the largest customer Eton Avenue, third-party payment before obtaining a license , business license to obtain payment protection ETS before smoothly.

Shandong makeup Card Kang Avenue is expected to issue special cards designed , the two sides being butt , communication, the ongoing realization of card -related functions . As to achieve functional reach , both functional Unicom , the year can be achieved nearly 600,000 Shandong stored value card , such as all of the features can be realized , then the stored value and the total payment of up to 30 million or more.

Meanwhile, Kang makeup and Ginza Avenue also had business contacts automobile trade , buy a car activities to be held in Hong makeup Avenue marketing channels in September , hoping that the market franchisees benefit , so that the increase in turnover Ginza Carsell . If a satisfactory outcome of the event , from time to time in the future will be to engage in similar businesses AGL related activities. To mobilize greater extent market enthusiasm , drive the development of the Group's industrial group .