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Controlling costs and raising efficiency to ensure Evergreen Enterprises
Click : Date : 2014-05-16

Control costs , increase efficiency and rapid development of enterprises , the only way to keep Evergreen Enterprises . Cost control, energy efficiency must first find the key points and a breakthrough in the management of the daily work of a blind spot , and cost control . Start from scratch , start from the details , find the source through multiple channels and ways to control costs , allow enterprises to maximize profits in order to provide an inexhaustible motive force for the company's survival and development.

Great emphasis on cost control , by revising and perfecting the system of collecting rationalization proposals , innovation and other ways to reduce the cost of the production process , potentially reducing the corporate capital expenditures in production. Improve cost control system , effectively reducing the cost and increase the efficiency of enterprises .

Akihito has complements "Cost Control Management System" , " Procurement Management System" , " bulk materials and equipment procurement regulations " and other management systems. Formed on the cost of production and scientific management mechanism , cut costs , strict cost control and effective solution to the problem of wasted money . More through the "My corporate brainstorming " activities, rationalization proposals solicitation to benefit enterprise development. If the Company adopted the recommendations of the workshop staff Drag pipeline rectification fixed stainless steel pipes to replace the bone canal , reducing the staff frequently connected to the pipeline operator error , to ensure product quality. While reducing the amount of steel skeleton tube million yuan for the company to save money . 2 sets of particles of the installation end of the belt installed electronic counter set , change manual counting of electronic counting , which saves human labor , but also to protect the accuracy of the count . "Little wisdom, big gains " by employees of small wisdom , while improving efficiency savings for the enterprise capital expenditures.

Akihito is a production of traditional Chinese medicine -based production company, so the reform and innovation of the production process is also very seriously . Hope that through reform and innovation of the production process , for enterprises to save costs and promote efficiency growth. Akihito flagship products such as neck pain Akihito products through the production process repeated experiments contrast , when extracting the supernatant , using a cloth filter plate to replace the original filter , save costs 59,200 yuan , saving time by 50% effective improve work efficiency and reduce costs. The company also produce energy control , media control products and supplies , repair old , operating cost control on saving energy, using all the energy and power to sign with stop sign system, effectively reducing the production of energy , the production department focus on strengthening the yield of product control and packet loss control materials to minimize the production cost of supplies . In the use of ethanol , continue to sink dregs dregs and alcohol recovery of ethanol by using a new alcohol recovery tower , alcohol recovery loss rate from 3 to 5 percent down to five ten thousandths from the alcohol extract . By brainstorming with minimal capital investment will be boiling dryer designed by the original steam heating to electric heating , the implementation of this project annual cost savings for the company 687,500 yuan . Extraction plant originally cask weighing ways to weigh alcohol precipitation tank in the form of weighing, improve labor efficiency , more than 600 hours a year, saving , cost 70,000 yuan or more. On water issues , there are a lot of improvements. Extraction process will be in circulation by the water to demineralized water , circulating cooling water to the existing water supply , through this transformation , the estimated year operating cost savings of approximately 7.1 million.

The company also through raw materials, packaging materials procurement contracts signed long-term , stable procurement costs. For some herbs, coal, and other accessories and hollow capsules with many years of partnership , supply stronger largest suppliers to the low-cost procurement contracts signed throughout the year . Internal packaging materials and packaging unified specification , increasing the bulk to reduce costs such as tendering , 2012 package material procurement cost savings of about 380,000 yuan . The company also strictly comply with state regulations, the total cost of the project or service charges more than 2 million yuan more than $ 500,000 of the project, using the internal proposed standard procedures, control project costs, strict compliance with the provisions of the bidding process . Building in the preparation of tender construction companies , project cost control over the bidding price savings of nearly $ 3.4 million renovation cost purification of nearly 200 million , reducing the overall project cost by 21% than willing to budget.

Through the above measures effective control of costs, and improved productivity and production efficiency, increase the efficiency of enterprises . Effective cost control and stable development of the company for the future and lay a good foundation .