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Corporate culture is also a productive
Click : Date : 2014-05-16
We unconsciously Health Materials Co., Ltd. Ming Freda Group added to the family has been a year in which a year's time , as every employee Eisai production sectors have felt the new changes. Especially Freda Group advocates "of charity , Houde Chengshan " corporate culture , deeply infected every employee 's mind, so that employees have the values, work attitude, work ethic has been a qualitative change. Have to pay gains , the Group's generous benefits but also allows us to appreciate this point. Whether at work or in life in which everyone had a centripetal force , solidarity and harmony .

Sustainable development of enterprises rely on core competencies, core competencies from technology , technology from management , and management by the corporate culture. No corporate culture, not to mention the core competitiveness. Advanced corporate culture can improve efficiency, reduce costs, save costs and enhance brand gold , increasing the value of products, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises.

Vitality , adaptable culture helps companies adapt to a rapidly changing environment . The 21st century is the era of knowledge economy , knowledge economy enterprises is a common emphasis on group norms and values of ecosystems , the lack of corporate culture is flawed , is rootless duckweed , is unable to adapt to market changes .

Culture helps to create balance and harmony "integration network ." The new economic forms must rely on well-trained and motivated employees, also require companies to get rid of the old mentality of the past era , not to talk about efficiency and speak simple division of humanity , we are now busy " but also in the world is seeking new the order of the source , " the corporate culture as " employee colleagues that " peace , peer " network convergence "," lubricant " , is such a new source .