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Fermentation people
Click : Date : 2014-05-16

Is a new starting point
When Aging
Again engraved on the ring of life
Looking back over the past days and nights
How can we
Not a myriad of thoughts , eager and

Cold and windy, but winter has always been a weapon
Sun hanging , nothing more than changing the test of God
Before large and small equipment
Next to criss-cross the pipeline
A blue shadow toil bustle
Lift materials , pull valves, bolts , carry filter
After a busy work
New tooling have not see the original appearance

Just flick the night of the stars
And bustle greet the first rays of the morning sun
Three plant expansion
How many eyes focus of concern
Countless days and nights of the stick
At that moment condensed into operation
As flowers bloom like
Proud face

Whether it is raging in the cold
Or when snowflakes
We adhere to the fermentation people use wordless
Dragon turned into surging gas
The lighted eleven light
Patrol footsteps, worn out dusty lonely night
Play the most beautiful music and hard work
Fruitful yet to taste
Sweat and sprinkle irrigation hope

When the scene " 60 tons big pot " appears in the job
Agitation is committed to human woe fermentation
Pentium pipeline
Who stood beating heart of fermentation
Peaceful silence of the night
We do not put out the lights were held
Stormy moments
We adhere to the sacred duty

Opportunities and challenges
Expectations and dreams soar
We still adhere to the rock -like faith
Sway wholehearted enthusiasm
Excitation power front row
Towards a new journey
Advance triumphantly
Wind and waves