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Looking back on the day of the joint efforts
Click : Date : 2014-05-16
Life is an accumulation of countless objectives of the road, the ultimate goal is always the same as a lamp in front of the guidelines , each completed a goal further away from success . Perhaps during our loss, perhaps optimistic, but this can not hinder our growth.  I quickly grow . With colleagues around the joint efforts and common progress, we created a lot , but also gain a lot . Looking back on that part of the joint efforts of the day , is more substantial and reach the target of joy.

In 2013 the company acquired Freda Pharmacy Co., Ltd. Shandong Oriental required prior to the completion of on-site inspections in December to prepare the transfer of the production of oriental address some varieties . We began the intense and fulfilling work status , documents related to , materials, production should reach site verification requirements , which requires a high degree of staff from different departments cooperate closely together to accomplish the company's goals and work hard.

Co-workers seem to have the momentum when the new GMP certification , even though the work tedious and complicated , involving too many departments , we remain enthusiastic work , careful constant , high efficiency is not reduced . Of course, after concerted efforts of all staff of the company , which lasted a month , four days after the on-site inspection of the provincial bureau staff , we address the successful completion of the transfer of production of some varieties of the West plant site inspection , but also laid the foundation for later work . Subject to know the results of that moment, bursting out all those faces are satisfied smile , their efforts finally bear beautiful fruit.

After the excitement, more than fulfilled our eyes on the far turn , after so many efforts , everyone has a certain amount of experience, I believe no matter what the difficulties faced in the future , can do it with equanimity of . 2014 is a new start, I will continue to work regardless of how objective they simply trials and hardships , I believe it will be another wonderful time .