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Freda Pharmaceutical Group held lectures on spinal health
Click : Date : 2014-05-15

To celebrate the first 104 "March" International Women's Day, Freda Pharmaceutical Group unions on the morning of March 5, 2nd Floor Auditorium in the group held a spinal health lectures.

The seminar invited the Secretary-General of Shandong Institute of Massage, deputy director of the Affiliated Hospital of Shandong Traditional Chinese Medicine physician Dr. Wang Shaohui, for the group of knowledge workers to teach the human spine and spinal health. The atmosphere is very active, Dr. Wang Shaohui popular and humorous language used to explain aspects of the medical knowledge of the spine, and easy to analyze the causes of the spine caused by the disease, combined with a lot of daily work life to explain the method of spinal care, and personally demonstrate some spine health tips. After the lecture, Dr. Wang Shaohui also with the group of workers were further exchanges and serious answer everyone's questions.

Through this seminar, not only fully reflects the "passion and hard work, a new dedication, happy, healthy life," the spirit of enterprise culture, but also allow the workers to further improve the health awareness, to promote better and faster development group laid a stable foundation.

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