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The first was held in 2014 shareholders' meeting and the Board
Click : Date : 2014-05-15

February 17, 2014 , Shandong Freda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in 2014 for the first time shareholders and the Board was held in Shandong Freda Pharmaceutical Group conference room.Freda representatives of shareholders , directors, supervisors and department heads to attend.

Participants have listened to and considered Freda 2013 work report , in 2013 and 2014 Financial Report of the annual budget report , in 2013 and 2014 reported sales sales plan in 2013 to report capital operation and capital listing plan, shareholders on behalf of the Directors report and the contents of the meeting of the future direction of Freda published a constructive suggestion and signed resolutions of the meeting .

Then on the seventh meeting of the Board of Directors , through the restructuring of the corporate governance Freda motion of chairman and general manager were reelected . Conference resolution : Comrade Zhang Lanying Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., as Shandong Freda by Comrade IN HIGHER served as General Manager of Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Shandong Freda.

Freda the correct leadership of the group and the company's new leadership team , led by Solidarity , conscientiously implement the spirit of the conference , confidence, solid work , saving potential, efforts to complete the annual objectives and tasks.