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Freda Pharmacy Group held its first board of directors and operating the scheduled 2014 Session
Click : Date : 2014-05-15

  January 21 , 2014 Freda Pharmacy Group held the first board operating schedule at Headquarters 3rd floor conference room. General Manager Lu Business Group , chairman Freda Pharmaceutical Group Ling Peixue , Freda Pharmaceutical Group directors , supervisors , leadership team members , departments headquarters , directly under the various companies, research institutes attended the main person in charge of the meeting .

    The meeting will begin by the Vice President Medical Group Wangting Bo , Hu Jianyong Wang Renquan led them to learn the chairman and general manager Lu Ling Peixue speech in Lu Business Group Business Group 2013 annual meeting . Subsequently, the Medical Group each division, the unit responsible for the operation of the 2013 and 2014 annual work plan annual report summary. General Manager Freda Pharmaceutical Group Li Xiangjun Medical Group 2013 annual work were summarized and analyzed. Finally Ling Pharmaceutical Group total 2014 annual work on specific deployment and scheduling.

    Ling always requires the integration of all units in the organization , breaking the original terms of the integration of personnel mechanism , recognize the integration , pinpoint their location , have a positive attitude and do their own work . As soon as scientific research institutes to develop incentives , research and innovation work vigorously to promote the transformation of the internal efforts . I hope each unit can sum up experience , emancipate the mind , implement the plan in the year 2014 to do their own work, there is a new beginning.

    Freda Pharmacy Group under the correct leadership , and thoroughly implement the spirit of the group "Twenty- four-character principle " and the 2013 annual work conference , confidence , boost morale , pressure potential, reduced losses and increased profits , efforts to complete the objectives and tasks.