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Pharmacy companies force of e-commerce revenue is expected to increase three times the size of the year
Click : Date : 2014-05-15

Lynx Medical Museum has officially unveiled , relying on the nation's largest B2C platform , the pharmaceutical industry will open the e-commerce era. Chinese online pharmacies Council report released this year, revenue is expected to scale pharmaceutical B2C 1.5 billion , representing an increase of nearly 3 times.

According to the public to communicate with customers Lynx head Yan Qiao told reporters, Lynx medicine museum has more than 10 pharmaceutical companies stationed about 20,000 kinds of medicines showcase on the platform.

Which a pharmaceutical company official said , the strength of the nation's largest drugstore with Lynx 's B2C platform in hand, will lead the domestic pharmaceutical market rapidly expand the online shopping , which will greatly accelerate the acceptance of people buy medicine online , thereby promoting this market growth.

Two years ago it began to test the water of a large domestic pharmacy online pharmacies , the network business has burgeoned . According to its online pharmacies CEO told reporters, " the first two months of this year , they have basically completed in a single month more than 800 million in sales , selling insurance at the end of this year is expected to be one million , could become China 's first breakthrough billion in annual sales online pharmacies . "

At the same time , a good pharmacist Jingdong Jingdong Mall Network is also in full swing in preparation for this year is expected to achieve sales growth. Large pharmaceutical companies to cooperate with the person in charge of marketing , told reporters that since last year, with the cooperation Jingdong , selected Beijing , Shanghai , Guangdong, Chengdu and Wuhan five pilot areas , currently still promoting cooperation , the main job of a Web page, systems and other technical aspects and customer experience .

Needless to say, medical e-commerce in 2012 began to speed development. According to Chinese online pharmacies Council recently released report , 2012 , revenue is expected to reach the scale of medicine B2C 1.5 billion, $ 400 million more than in 2011 nearly three -fold increase .